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Financial Planning for Houston's Finest

Officers deserve...

...independent advice when planning for retirement after years of public service,

...objective guidance on how to best deploy the resources accumulated after a long career, and

...a second opinion when you are simply unsure about what you are being sold.     

At Logic Capital, we apply the same planning process to retiring HPD officers as we do our retiring corporate executive clients.  




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Areas of Focus

DROP & PROP Account rolloverS

Retiring officers may benefit from rolling their DROP or PROP accounts into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) when separating from service.  Investment options can be tailored to meet future goals and objectives while taking the uncertainty of the HPOPS system out of the equation.

Risk-appropriate investments

Investing can be an overwhelming process, but it does not have to be.  We coach clients to set realistic expectations and help them understand short-term and long-term risks.  No need to take more risk than required to achieve your financial objectives.  We customize investment recommendations for each client and make it a transparent process throughout.

phase down cash flow planning

For those officers eligible for Phase Down payments at retirement, short-term cash flow planning can be less of a concern.  Postponing the need for income replacement opens up different options for consideration. 

Annuities 101

We assist retiring officers evaluate the complexities and appropriateness of annuities.  We recommend retiring officers get a second opinion when a financial proposal involves the heavy use of annuity products.  While these products can be a useful tool, we want our clients to understand the benefits and shortcomings.  Never be afraid to kick the tires hard before committing.

income replacement Strategies

Recreating an income stream enjoyed before retiring, is a common goal in retirement.  However, we believe it is important to evaluate this desire in the context of a long-term financial plan that may have multiple goals and objectives.  We help clients tailor income replacement strategies suited to their specific needs.

legacy planning

Many of us want to leave a financial legacy.  With the generous benefits earn by officers over the years, there can be significant sums of money to contemplate leaving to spouses, the next generation, or a favorite cause.   We educate our clients on tax-advantaged strategies to best achieve these objectives.


He who fails to plan is planning to fail
— Winston Churchill


We are ready to serve you.

Reach out by sharing your contact information below, or feel free to call or email us with our contact information provided.  We are here to serve you.  Any ongoing advisory relationship will be as a client of Logic Capital Management, LLC ("Logic Capital"), a registered investment advisory firm.  All disclosures and advisory fee arrangements will be presented for consideration at the initial consultation.  (The HPD Family:  All active and retired officer clients of Logic Capital Management, LLC are aggregated in order to benefit from our tiered advisory fee schedule, thus resulting in a lower weighted-average annual advisory fee.)

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